Q&A: What is a Body Pillow?
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Q&A: What is a Body Pillow?

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Chambray Grey and Charcoal Body Pillow

Q: What is a body pillow, and how do I use it?

A: Without a doubt, one of our biggest new trends here at Au Lit is the body pillow. We've never had a piece that raised so many questions (how on earth to style it?), yet it's quickly become one of our bestsellers.

Lavato Body Pillow

A body pillow is an extra-long pillow that measures 60" x 20". Because it can be used as a decorative bolster during the day, or as a cozy sleeping pillow at night, it's the perfect blend of function and fashion. Many people also love using it as back support while sitting in bed and reading.

Many of our customers find that the body pillow also assists in providing support while they sleep. By placing it between your knees while sleeping, the pillow provides head, shoulder, back, and hip support by aligning your body. For many of our pregnant customers, this piece is a life-changer.

Miles Body Pillow

When it comes to styling your body pillow on the bed, anything goes! Whether you choose to display it front and centre, or tucked behind a stack of decorative pillows as a base, you can't go wrong with this fresh and modern piece.

During our November Pillow & Duvet Sale, our body pillows are 20% off (in-store only). Give us a call at 416-489-7010 for more information.