I Thought It Was Just Me...
Between the Sheets

I Thought It Was Just Me...

Permit me to share honestly here about a struggle that I rarely mention in the happy, one-dimensional world of social media: being a working mom. 

One of the most poignant tweets I ever read was this: I wish I was the woman I portray on Facebook. I can SO relate to that. And to it I would add Twitter and this blog. Because I represent a brand, I understand that my role is to provide great content about my area of expertise: linens. But there's also this impetus to "be yourself" and "be real." It is a fine line we're supposed to adhere to - being real, and being a respectable, inspiring brand.

Is that even possible? The truth is, some days I fail miserably. At everything. What you don't know when you're watching my videos is that the well put-together woman you see talking about pillows actually forgot her daughter at school one afternoon and showed up late to pick her up for lunch yesterday and hasn't exercised in 3 1/2 years, and leaves homework till the last minute and lets the kids skip bathing some days and went in to work this week even though the baby was sick...

What's my point here? Well, sometimes I get overwhelmed with life - wanting to be a great mom and run a thriving business and look good while I'm doing it all, and inevitably I just wind up in a ball of shame for not having achieved....dun tun duh....PERFECTION!

What do you mean I can't be perfect? It can be done! And I will do it! I must do it!  Anyway, in the midst of this raging psychological battle inside my brain, I stumbled upon a wonderfully inspiring book, I Thought It Was Just Me, by Brene Brown.

Women, whether you work and have kids, or don't have kids and work, or stay at home with your kids...it doesn't matter. This book is a warm bath of empathy; it's about what it's like to live in a culture that expects us to be Super Women. I know I'm not sharing anything unique or original here. I think most of us experience the things I've written about. But this book just makes me feel like I'm not alone.

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