Size Matters! (For your pillows)
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Size Matters! (For your pillows)

We've covered how to approach selecting the perfect pillow based on feel, but what about size? When you're buying new pillows, pillowcases, shams or protectors, knowing your measurements can save you a lot of hassle. Going by memory alone can be tricky; standard and queen sized pillows are often mistaken for one another, and decorative pillows come in an assortment of nearly indistinguishable sizes. Furthermore, each company's sizing can vary (much to our chagrin!), so it helps to know what you've got.

To put it all into perspective and help with future purchases, we've created this handy visual aid based on North American standards, which is what we carry:

Au Lit Pillow & Duvet Diagram

Now that you've got the sizing down, check out our selection of pillows before our pillow & duvet sale ends!