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Fine-Feathered Frauds

Back in September, Maclean's Magazine released an article discussing the fraudulent issues within the down industry in Canada. What's most troubling about their findings is that the fakes are not only filled with small quantities of down and chicken feathers, but they are also wildly overpriced. These companies are now selling low quality products and charging consumers the price they'd pay for real quality down products.

Michael de la Place, president of industry group Downmark says "The fraud against consumers that's going on is mind-blowing". The Down Association of Canada, creator of the Downmark label, is a non-profit organization with a mandate to educate the public about down and feather products. They monitor the marketplace by seeking out misleading products and advertising. In 2007, they launched the "Name & Shame" campaign aimed at retailers, where they post "fraud alerts" on their website.

At Au Lit, we only work with companies that are certified by the Downmark association in Canada. We even display the insides of our down products in store, so that our customers know exactly what they're purchasing. Make sure you trust the company you're buying down products from and that they can answer all of your questions and concerns regarding the sourcing of their pillows and duvets.