It's where I live.
Between the Sheets

It's where I live.

When it comes to your home, how often do you choose personal comfort over appearance? Authentic quality over cheap and disposable? Substance over image? Hand-crafted locally over mass-produced overseas? Value and longevity over toss and replace? Unique and individual design over cookie-cutter imitation? When and where do you really invest?

Snoop around your house and take the challenge. Most disheartening is that even if we want to invest in authentic quality, it's almost impossible to find, whether it be in fashion or home. Good luck trying to find a bedside table these days made of real, solid wood. (We found some, and they're made in Toronto, and you can get them at Au Lit. But I'm sure you can find cheaper ones somewhere else.)

I'm not trying to preach. (Ok, I am.) But I'm guilty, too. My house is full of broken junk made overseas, purchased at really "great" prices. But you know what? The pieces I invested in - my Lee upholstered armchairs made in the U.S, my Biltmore sofa made in Canada, my antique oak secretaire, and my Au Lit linens - are all in mint condition after years and years of use. Everything else - you heard me, everything - from my made overseas coffee table to my dining table to my bookcases, are all broken, damaged and generally in pathetic condition after less than two years. So in the end, I may have paid more for my couch and armchairs, but they're going to last. Everything else won't make the move to my next house (which hopefully isn't too far off!)

When did dropping $500 on an Ipad become commonplace, and investing in your home a luxury? It's where you live.