5 Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom for Spring
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5 Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom for Spring


Spring cleaning sounds like a chore, but it's really an opportunity to declutter and breathe new life into your home. What better time to give your bedroom a much needed pick-me-up than right now? After months of layering up and being stuck in hibernation-mode, we're ready to start fresh. Here are 5 tips to rejuvenate your bedroom for spring!

1. Update Your Linens

With the warmer weather approaching, shedding heavy winter layers is a must. Switch up your winter sheeting for something light and airy in weight, like 100% linen or a cool & relaxed cotton linen blend. Store away the mega-puffy winter duvet and set your sights on a Lightweight or Summer weight alternative. Accessorize with eye-catching colour or pattern to add some life. This spring, we're all about the layering of textures and patterns to get a relaxed laid-back vibe.

TIP: If you know yourself to struggle with overheating as spring turns to summer, cool & silky bamboo sheeting is worth a look. The bamboo fibre is exceptional at wicking away moisture, helping to cool you down when you start to heat up.

Shelter Island Linen

2. Introduce a Pop of Colour

A simple pop of colour can work wonders. Whether it's the addition of a bright red and blue accent pillow or putting a stunning painting on your wall, introducing a new colour to your bedroom decor will make things feel fresh and revitalized. Classic Blue is Pantone's 2020 colour of the year, and we're loving it for spring and summer!

Turkish Fouta Pillow Navy/White Stripe

Turkish Fouta Cushions Blue/Red Stripe

Calvin Monogram Wreath Cushion

Mare Fouta Red & Navy Throw

3. Change Things Around

Refresh the layout of your room and move things around - or if you're committed to your current set up, you can simply re-style. Use what you already have by taking items from other rooms and swapping them. Switching it up creates a change of pace and will give you a new appreciation for your things. Accessories like throws and deco cushions are super versatile, as they can make their way from your couch to your bed and vice-versa when you're craving a quick & easy update.

Belgian Linen Ash Throw

4. Declutter

Physical clutter = mental clutter. In the same way multi-tasking overworks your senses, clutter can make you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious - just the opposite of how you want to feel in your place of rest. Filtering out unwanted items from your bedroom does not only improve the appearance but also eases the mind.

 Here are some tips on a sustainable approach to cleaning out the linen closet.

5. Bring Plants or Flowers Into Your Room

Add life to your bedroom with fresh flowers or potted plants. This is a quick and easy way to revive your space, making it feel brighter and more colourful. Aside from adding a beautiful aesthetic to your room, plants are known to be beneficial for sleep. Aloe, for example, emits oxygen at night, aiding in a healthier sleep. Check out our blog post on The Best Indoor Plants for a Better Night's Sleep and discover the perfect verdure for your spring bedroom update.

Ungaretti Matelasse White

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