One Bed, Four Ways: Dorm Room Edition
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One Bed, Four Ways: Dorm Room Edition

As sad as we are to admit it, summer is coming to an end and back-to-school is just around the corner. Our store has been busy with parents and students inquiring about their dorm room beds, and how to set them up. When you're away at school, your dorm room bed needs to function as more than just a place to catch up on sleep: it needs to work as a study desk, a comfy reading nook, a movie lounge, and so much more. If you're looking for an easy solution for a multi-purpose dorm bed, we've got just the fix for you! Follow our easy formula (don't worry - the math isn't too difficult!) for setting up your perfect dorm bed.

Rustic Duvet Cover 

Here's the winning formula: 1 Rustic Duvet Cover + matching Euro Sham(s) = an easy care, gorgeous bed that will transition with you throughout your time away at school. Our Rustic collection features a quilted cotton jersey textured pattern on top, and is backed in a super-soft plain cotton jersey fabric. The neutral grey colour is the perfect base for mixing and matching accent pieces as your style (or housing situation) changes throughout the years.

Why Euro Shams? 

If you're wondering what Euro Shams are, they're large (26" x 26") square pillows that are used to decorate a bed. If your dorm bed is a Twin size, you'll need one euro sham; for a Double bed, you'll need two. They're typically placed in front of your pillowcases, and function as the base layering piece for accent pillows. Don't dismiss them as just a decorative accent - in a dorm room, they're useful for so much more! If your room doesn't have a headboard, your Euro Shams can be propped up against the wall for support while you study or read in bed.  They can also be used to hide your wrinkled pillowcases!

Take a look below at four bed styles featuring our Rustic Duvet Cover + Euro Shams. Whether your style is classic, girly, or bold, we've got a solution for you. Don't forget to add new sheetssleeping pillows, and a featherbed (guaranteed to add comfort to even the worst dorm bed) while they're 20% off!

Get the look with our Loft 2-Line Standard Sham with Red stitch & Toboggan Sham

Get the look with Loft 2-Line Embroidered Sham with Blossom Pink stitch & Stammatina Kyra lumbar pillow (available in-store only)

Get the look with our Giordana Monogrammed Cushion Cover (in-store only)

Get the look with Loft 2-Line Standard Sham with Charcoal stitch & Ikat Jaya Sham (available in-store only)

Looking to order any of these in-store only items? Give us a call at 1-800-363-6080 and we'd love to help you!