Q&A: What is long staple Egyptian cotton?
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Q&A: What is long staple Egyptian cotton?

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Q: I've heard a lot about long staple cotton. What does that mean?

A: Great question! To know about long staple cotton, you must first learn about Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is known for being the best quality cotton in the world. Egypt's heavy rain, humidity, and consistent temperatures contribute to the ideal climate for growing cotton. These growing conditions result in cotton that boasts extra long fibres, or staples. The extra long staples allow for the spinning of much stronger and more uniform yarns, resulting in fabric that is extremely smooth, durable, and which becomes softer with time.

Of the world's supply of cotton, only 1% comes from Egypt! When choosing your linens, we always recommend 100% Egyptian cotton to ensure the highest quality standard. Unfortunately, suppliers can write Egyptian cotton on the package, even if only 1% of the cotton is from Egypt. If the package says 100% Egyptian cotton, you can trust it’s going to be of superior quality.