Bridal Trends: The Linen Shower
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Bridal Trends: The Linen Shower

Wedding season is officially here, and our store has been bustling with brides and wedding guests alike. We couldn't help but notice a new trend emerge: the linen bridal shower. Bridal shower themes have taken a turn for the unique (see: honeymoon showers and kitchen showers), allowing brides to express their personality in a creative way.

With so many couples already living together and building a home prior to marriage, traditional gifts are often unnecessary. Couples can spend up to one third of their lives sleeping and in their bedroom, so why not make it the best sleep ever?

The tradition of giving fine linens to newlyweds is not a new one. Historically, the bride-to-be would receive a trousseau, or hope chest, filled with treasures like table linens, bed linens, quilts, and clothing. These linens were often monogrammed with her new family name, and were intended for the new couple to set up a home together.

The linen shower is a fun take on a classic tradition, where building the couple's new dream bedroom is a true collaboration between the bride and her guests. The bride's sister may buy her a set of shams, her grandmother a set of sheets, and her bridesmaids a duvet cover. We invite you to pop the bubbly, toast the bride, and host the best linen shower ever! Visit our Registry page here for lots more information.

All images via Au Lit Fine Linens and Emily March Photography