Meet Lusomé: Luxury Sleepwear
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Meet Lusomé: Luxury Sleepwear

Have you heard of Lusomé sleepwear? If not, prepare to get well acquainted with this innovative Canadian brand. Lusomé - an ancient Scottish word meaning desirable - is a beautifully designed line of sleepwear that utilizes high-tech fabric with advanced moisture management. Each piece is constructed of high quality, luxuriously soft fabric with an impeccable cut and fit.

Lusomé is the brainchild of Lara Smith, a 20-year veteran in the women's fashion industry. After watching several of her female family members face health issues and battle night sweats, Lara searched the globe for pajamas that would keep them cool throughout the night and absorb perspiration. In her extensive search, the only option Lara could find was polyester, which is treated with harsh chemicals and absorbs bacteria rather than repelling it. Lara saw a gap in the market, and put her skills and experience to work to create a unique line of high-performance sleepwear.

Lara's idea sent her to textile mills around the world, searching for the perfect material. It had to be moisture-wicking, blended with natural fibres, and soft to the touch. After several rounds of testing, Lara discovered dryLon™ technology, a completely new concept in moisture management. After testing the fabric with several independent laboratories, Lara knew that her genius idea - a mix of fashion and science - was about to change the way women slept forever.

Here at Au Lit, we are proud to carry the Lusomé line. Not only do we believe in the ethos of the brand, but we love the fit! Each piece has been meticulously engineered to ensure optimal comfort. Our favourite is the Donna two piece classic pyjama set, available in black, gray, and pink. We encourage you to come in and see the line for yourself - it will change the way you sleep!

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