Q&A: What pillow firmness is right for me?
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Q&A: What pillow firmness is right for me?

Au Lit Q&A

Q: When it comes to sleeping pillows, what firmness is right for me?

A: A comfortable sleeping pillow is essential for a good night’s sleep! It's really a matter of personal preference, but there are some general guidelines.

We always recommend 100% white goose down for the best malleability and comfort. In our humble opinion, there's nothing quite as luxurious as sleeping on a goose down pillow. Because down softens over time, more firmness can be achieved by adding more ounces of down fill.  All our down pillows are hypo-allergenic, but if you are severely allergic, you may want to consider a synthetic pillow, such as our Jasper, whereby the synthetic clusters are blown in for a down-like feel.

The way you sleep is one of the factors to consider in selecting the firmness of a pillow that works best for you. For example, are you a stomach sleeper? If so, a super soft pillow will be best for your neck.

But for all those of you who don't have a particular sleeping position, you may simply prefer a super squishy pillow, a firm pillow, or like Goldilocks, somewhere in between. We find most of our customers know exactly what they like!

Firmness is determined by a combination of fill power and fill weight. The fill power refers to the size of down clusters – the higher the fill power, the larger the down clusters. (This is also known as Loft.) The fill weight refers to the amount of down inside the pillow (in ounces) – the higher the amount down, the firmer the pillow. 

For example, our Au Lit pillow, which has a 575+ fill power, contains the following amount of down:

Medium = 18 ounces  (Standard size pillow)
Firm = 20 ounces   (Standard size pillow)

If you love a really firm pillow, we recommend choosing something that contains feathers. Our Summit pillow has an 80% core of feathers for extra firmness, and is wrapped in goose down to prevent being poked by the quills while you sleep.

Check out all our pillows online and watch our Down 101 video for some guidance on how to make your choice. We offer a wide selection of down and alternative down sleeping pillows of various thread count shells, fill types and fill weights to customize your perfect sleep experience – all made in Canada by people who truly care!

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