Q & A: What Makes an Authentic Quality Sheet?
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Q & A: What Makes an Authentic Quality Sheet?

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In honour of Natalie recently joining the Au Lit creative team, we’ve decided to take her - and you - back to the basics. Today, a refresher course on one of our favourite subjects.

Q: What defines an authentic quality sheet?

A: There are three critical components to consider:

1. The type of cotton. Long stem, Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best in the world. Look for 100% Egyptian cotton.

2. Where the fabric is woven. The weave is really important, and yet can often be the unsung hero of a wonderful sheet. We prefer Italian mills because of their long-standing tradition of weaving, expertise and use of the latest technologies. Italy truly sets the standard.

3. Thread Count. 200 thread count is as low as we recommend (anything below that is muslin.) An inferior thread count cotton such as muslin will be rougher to the hand and less durable. Although thread count gets a lot of attention, it's really a personal preference and not an indication of good or bad quality. If you've got a pure Egyptian cotton sheet that's been woven at an excellent mill, thread count really just helps you to choose your favourite hand - silky or crisp.