Why Is Goose Down So Expensive?
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Why Is Goose Down So Expensive?

Back by popular demand...

At Au Lit Fine Linens, we take pride in educating our customers on every aspect of our products. With that in mind, the global demand for goose down has skyrocketed due in large part to the growing popularity of down-filled ski jackets. As such, the limited supply of white goose down has caused prices to spike dramatically, with more increases on the horizon.

"An increase in the price of down filling is forcing apparel and bedding makers to re-engineer their goods, search for alternatives or warn retailers they'll have to pass along the higher costs…" — The Wall Street Journal

We are working with our partners to give you the best prices we can without ever sacrificing genuine quality. We understand this price increase is substantial, but we want you to know that we will not cut corners on the quality of our filling.

Rest assured, you are always investing in a quality sleep experience with Au Lit's down products.