12 Bedrooms That Are Perfect for Book Lovers
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12 Bedrooms That Are Perfect for Book Lovers

In honour of our CEO's forthcoming novel (more on that later), we decided to do an Ode to Book Lovers post! Is there any better pairing than a good book while relaxing in bed? We don't think so! For all of you avid readers out there, we have something special for you... We've rounded up 12 inspiring bedrooms that focus on the best part of any room (aside from the bed) - the books! 


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And on that note, Au Lit's very own multi-tasking CEO, Joanna Goodman, has a new book coming out! The Finishing School (due to be released in April 2017), is a murder mystery set in a Swiss boarding school, and it's a real page turner. Can't wait to share more details with you about it!