Q&A: Do I Need a Mattress and Pillow Protector?
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Q&A: Do I Need a Mattress and Pillow Protector?

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Q: Why do I need a mattress and pillow protector? Aren't my fitted sheets and pillowcases enough?

A: Here’s something we can’t say enough: mattress and pillow protectors are ESSENTIAL! Try as you might, your mattress will not fit into your washing machine. While you’re sleeping, your body secretes perspiration and natural oils (even if you shower before bed), which can cause yellowing and trap odours within your mattress. A mattress pad puts another layer between you and your mattress, protecting your mattress from wear, and shielding you from pesky dust mites that live within your mattress. A bonus: a mattress pad adds a layer of softness to your bed. 

When it comes to sleeping pillows, the same rules apply. A pillow protector provides an added necessary layer between your face and your pillow, preventing your pillow from yellowing and greatly extending its lifespan. Your mattress and pillows are investments, and using protectors will help extend their lifespan (offering you more value on your investment).

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