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Between the Sheets

We change the way you sleep.

Introducing...Au Lit 'I Spy': Holiday Window Edition

Game on! Try to spot these 5 feature products from our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide in the below photos from our holiday window. Once you've found them all, drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram - let's see who gets there first!   We spy...   Plaid Mountains Jammie... Read More


We're on a mission here at Au Lit to find out what well slept means to you, and we're giving away one of our brand new Memo Pillows in an effort to find out. For a chance to win, simply open up your Insta, jump onto Facebook, or log into Twitter.... Read More

Table Linens 101

With the holidays upon us, it's time to bring out those tablecloths and start entertaining. Sure, you've thought about the menu and the cocktails, but what about your table linens? In addition to the dishware, beautiful tablecloths and napkins are the foundation of a stunning holiday table. With options ranging from damasks to crisp white... Read More

The Skinny on Silk Duvets

Among the mountains of down and synthetic options for your duvet, often overlooked are silk duvets - a wonderful all-natural alternative for those plagued with down sensitivities and our top recommendation for particularly hot sleepers. Our premium silk duvet features a 100% cotton shell and a hand-layered 100% raw Tussah silk fill.... Read More

Holiday Jammies for Everyone!

There's nothing better than giving (and receiving!) a set of cozy holiday jammies. 'Tis the season to stock up on loungewear that will get you through another long winter. We've rounded up some of our favourites this season, all of them perfect for lazy weekends by the fire or in bed. Grab... Read More

Size Matters! (For your pillows)

We've covered how to approach selecting the perfect pillow based on feel, but what about size? When you're buying new pillows, pillowcases, shams or protectors, knowing your measurements can save you a lot of hassle. Going by memory alone can be tricky; standard and queen sized pillows are often mistaken for... Read More

Introducing: Autumn-y Plaids and Province of Canada

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but autumn is officially upon us and winter is not far off. The silver lining? Autumn/winter accessorizing! We've added some fall-friendly plaids and cozy cotton cushions to the collection to ease the transition from warmth to winter. Our brand new Milan Plaid collection... Read More

A Lightning Quick Guide to Help You Choose The Perfect Pillow

A good pillow starts with good materials: a 100% cotton shell and white goose down or down/feather fill are ideal for ultimate comfort, as natural materials will ensure breathability and longevity. In terms of firmness, you want your pillow to comfortably support your head and align your neck with your spine.... Read More

Au Lit's 2016 Holiday Store Tour

Our merchandising guru Lisa has been hard at work transforming the store into a holiday wonderland, and we're loving the final product! Enjoy a virtual Holiday Store Tour through the photos below, then come on by the shop to bask in the holiday cheer in person. Now that we're all in the holiday... Read More

Q&A: Is My Down Bedding Ethical?

With the rise of conscious consumerism, we’re fielding a lot of questions about the ethical and environmental implications of down and feather fills. These are important discussions to have, and we're proud to serve a knowledge-hungry customer base. So let’s get into it – is your bed ethical? First, let’s make... Read More

Our Pillow & Duvet Sale HAS BEGUN! Enjoy 20% off...

It's on! Enjoy 20% off pillows and duvets now through the entire month of November, both in stores and online. No work to be done on your part; the discount will be automatically applied, so get shopping! *Any questions? We're happy to help! Drop us a line at or give... Read More