➢ I don't have an account with Au Lit Fine Linens, can I still make a purchase?
Of course, if you're a new customer or you haven't set up an account with us before, continue to the checkout as a guest. You'll be able to register for an account at the end of the checkout process if you like.

➢ Where do I put in my measurements?
If you would like to include your mattress dimensions, please do so in the 'Special Instructions' field in the cart.

➢ I'd like to pick up in store, but the checkout is asking for my shipping information.
Our checkout system does require that you indicate a billing and shipping address, but on the next page of the checkout, you will be able to select 'Pick up in store' as your shipping method.

➢ Can I purchase a gift card for your online store?
We do sell traditional Gift Cards online which can be mailed or picked up from our store. Our gift cards can only be used in store, they are not valid online. Please allow for standard mailing time. Gift Card Terms & Conditions.

➢ Can I request swatches of embroideries?
Unfortunately, we do not offer swatches of our embroidery colours. If you'd like to discuss any of the colours, please contact us at 1 800 363 6080.

➢ Why don't you have pillowcases in Twin/Double size?
Our pillow cases are only available in Standard/Queen and King size.

➢ Why are certain products 'Unavailable'?
If a product is 'unavailable', it usually means that it does not come in the colour or size you've selected. Make sure you select the correct size and colour when you're choosing your item.

➢ What's your return policy?
See our Return Policies and Guidelines.

➢ I saw something in the store that I wanted to see online, but I can't find it.
We do not offer all of our products online. If you are looking for an item you saw in store, please contact our store at 416-489-7010.

➢ How do I make changes to my order after it's already been placed?
Please contact us as soon as possible via email: info@aulitfinelinens.com or by calling us at 1 800 363 6080 (Monday to Friday 10am-6pm.)

➢ What does 'Final Sale' mean?
Any products that are discounted at 25% off or more cannot be returned or exchanged.

➢ Do you ship internationally?
If you are located outside Canada or the U.S. and would like to order with us, please contact us at 1 800 363 6080 (Monday to Friday 10am-6pm.)

➢ Can I order by phone?
Of course, feel free to call us at 1 800 363 6080 (Monday to Friday 10am-6pm.)

➢ How do I know what the depth of my fitted sheet should be?
There is no longer a standard mattress depth. When you go shopping for linens, know the depth of your mattress (they vary from 8” − 20” in thickness) and your fitted sheet should be about 4” deeper than your mattress. It doesn’t hurt to know the width and length as well. Our regular fitted sheets fit up to a 12” mattress and our Jumbo fitted sheets fit up to a 16” mattress. If your mattress is 17” or deeper, we can custom sew a fitted sheet to suit your measurements. We also encourage you to take a look at our video on Deep Mattresses & Fitted Sheets.

➢ How do I measure for a bedskirt?
You want to measure from the top of the box-spring to the floor. Once the fabric is washed, it will shrink by about half an inch, which will be perfect for your skirt. The standard length of our bedskirts is 14”, but we can custom sew your bedskirt to suit your exact measurements. For more information, visit Bedskirts 101 and watch our video on bedskirts.

➢ The sides of my mattress are always showing. Why doesn't my duvet hide the entire mattress? 
If your mattress is deeper than 12", you not only need a jumbo size fitted sheet, but you may also need a jumbo sized duvet and duvet cover.

➢ How long should my linens last?
This will depend on how you care for your linens and how much you use them. With proper care, Italian made, Egyptian cotton sheets can last many years. 

➢ What can I do about my flat pillows?
Fluffing and shaking on a daily basis, and keeping them in their protectors will extend their life span. We generally recommend replacing down/feather pillows every 2-3 years.

➢ How often should I wash my sheets?
We recommend once a week. Not washing your sheets on a weekly basis may result in your natural oils setting into the fabric which causes yellowing.

➢ Should I change my bed linens every season?
There’s no need to change the entire bed, but you can freshen up the look by adding a brightly coloured cushion and white coverlet in the spring, or a dark cashmere blanket in the fall. You can also switch to crisp, cool linen sheets during the hot summer months.

➢ What is linen?
Linen is a natural fibre derived from the flax plant. It has a cool feel and a slightly textured hand which softens over time. The real beauty of linen is in its rumpled look and casual yet sophisticated style. We recommend our Lavato collection.

➢ Is there such a thing as “wrinkle-free” sheets?
Yes. Polyester or chemically treated. 

➢ Are monograms a trend that will go out of style?
Monogramming is timeless. It’s a perfect way to personalize your linens and makes a lovely gift for all occasions.

➢ Do I need to use a mattress pad?
Yes! It keeps your mattress clean and protects against dust mites, as well as serving several other purposes.