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Between the Sheets

We change the way you sleep.

Cold Weather Bedding Essentials

With the days getting shorter and temperatures dropping, we're quickly moving into the time of year when our beds become a welcome respite from the biting cold. Incorporating a few key cold-weather pieces into your bedding rotation can help make your bed into the ultimate winter retreat. For a particularly cold sleeper or... Read More

Demystifying Egyptian Cotton

When it comes to bed linens, we hear again and again that Egyptian cotton is top-of-the-line, but did you ever wonder what exactly makes Egyptian cotton the finest? Unlike most cotton, Egyptian cotton is still hand-picked, which ensures the highest level of purity. Furthermore, hand-picking puts much less stress on the raw... Read More

How to Outfit a Guest Bed

We can’t believe it’s December already, but temperatures are dropping, leaves are turning, and magazine covers are already promising to help us find the perfect gift for everyone on our list. It’s the season of holidays, and while we’re overjoyed at the promise of good food, great company, and general... Read More

An Au Lit Shower: Congratulations Jen!

This morning started off with a bittersweet bon voyage as the team wished Jen, one of Au Lit's finest, ample congratulations on her quick-approaching due date. We can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl! Read More

Make Your Bedroom Cozy for Fall with These Four Must-Have Textures

Ready to transform your bedroom into a hibernation-worthy retreat that you can cozy up in all winter long? Fall is the perfect time to update your bedroom with an abundance of rich textures and luxurious materials. We've highlighted our four favourite textures for the fall season below - whether you... Read More

Behind The Scenes: Au Lit's Autumn/Winter Photoshoot

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our Autumn/Winter '16 photoshoot. Keep an eye on New Arrivals to start building your perfect cold-weather bed.     Read More

How Your iPhone Timer Can Help You Get a Better Night's Sleep

Do you struggle to fall asleep? You're not alone. An estimated 3.3 million Canadians (that's one in seven) have difficulty falling or staying asleep. We all know the facts: getting a decent amount of high-quality sleep is integral to your quality of life, and lack of sleep can contribute to... Read More

Beautiful Beds: Unique Finds

We here at Au Lit strive for timeless elegance and ultimate comfort when styling our beds for the season, but our heads never fail to turn when we spot something utterly unique. Check out below some of the wonderfully out-of-the-box beds we’ve had the pleasure of coming across. We were instantly... Read More

Bed Anatomy

(How to Create a Beautiful Bed from the Inside Out) EUROPEAN PILLOW: The “euro” pillow is (typically) a 25”x25” square that is both decorative and functional. Aesthetically, euro pillows give the bed height and grounding, but are also wonderful for reading in bed, hiding rumpled pillow cases and even “posing”... Read More

The Chic Headboard Alternative We've Been Spotting Everywhere

It's official: wood walls in the bedroom are no longer just for ski chalets and cottages. Over the past few years, we've noticed them popping up everywhere, adding an instant cool factor to modern, traditional, and rustic bedrooms alike. Not only do wood walls add a layer of warmth and... Read More

Q&A: Do I Really Need Pillow Protectors?

Q: Do I Really Need Pillow Protectors? A: It’s been instilled in the team here at Au Lit since day one: if a client is purchasing a pillow, make sure they have a pillow protector! Is it an up-sell tactic? Not at all. The truth is we care about your investment; no matter where you... Read More

How to Get a Better Night's Sleep During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women are offered the same advice throughout their pregnancy: Get as much sleep as you possible can now, before the baby comes. But what happens when you're not getting enough sleep before the baby even arrives? Between backaches, leg cramps, heartburn, strange dreams, and anxiety about your pending... Read More