Q&A: What is a Body Pillow?

November 06, 2015

Chambray Grey and Charcoal Body Pillow

Q: What is a body pillow, and how do I use it?

A: Without a doubt, one of our biggest new trends here at Au Lit is the body pillow. We've never had a piece that raised so many questions (how on earth to style it?), yet it's quickly become one of our bestsellers.

Lavato Body Pillow

A body pillow is an extra-long pillow that measures 60" x 20". Because it can be used as a decorative bolster during the day, or as a cozy sleeping pillow at night, it's the perfect blend of function and fashion. Many people also love using it as back support while sitting in bed and reading.

Many of our customers find that the body pillow also assists in providing support while they sleep. By placing it between your knees while sleeping, the pillow provides head, shoulder, back, and hip support by aligning your body. For many of our pregnant customers, this piece is a life-changer.

Miles Body Pillow

When it comes to styling your body pillow on the bed, anything goes! Whether you choose to display it front and centre, or tucked behind a stack of decorative pillows as a base, you can't go wrong with this fresh and modern piece.

During our November Pillow & Duvet Sale, our body pillows are 20% off (in-store only). Give us a call at 416-489-7010 for more information.


November 03, 2015

Do you follow Au Lit Fine Linens on Instagram? We're giving away our bestselling Au Lit Medium sleeping pillow, made from pure white goose down. Check us out there @aulitfinelinens and enter to win. Best of luck!

Spotted: Au Lit in Where Toronto's Holiday Gift Guide

November 02, 2015

It's official, folks! Halloween has come and gone, holiday decor has hit shop floors, and Starbucks has unveiled their holiday cups. Like it or not, the holiday season has descended upon us. 

Next up... gift guides! We were pleasantly surprised to stumble upon our very own Lusomé pyjamas in Where Toronto's Holiday Gift Guide.

Have you heard of Lusomé pyjamas? They're the high-tech pyjama that aims to revolutionize the way women sleep. Made from moisture-wicking Drylon technology, they're designed to keep you cool and dry throughout the night. The best part? They offer a stylish, tailored, and classic fit - the ultimate in comfy PJ style. We think they're a must-have for the holiday season (and they're available in pink, grey, and black to suit every taste!).

Lusomé Donna Pyjamas


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Pillow & Duvet Sale is On!

October 31, 2015

Hooray! It's the month before the most wonderful month of the year, and we've got something exciting for you... Our month-long pillow and duvet sale has begun! Take 20% off of all sleeping pillows, duvets, featherbeds, and decorative pillow inserts. Happy shopping!

Fall '15 Trends: An Interview with Joanna Goodman, Owner of Au Lit

October 29, 2015

In our never ending quest to bring you the very best information and inspiration in the world of bedding, we decided to go straight to the source. We sat down with Joanna Goodman, the owner of Au Lit (and bedding guru) to get the scoop about the hottest bedroom design trends this Fall/Winter 2015. 

Q: What are the big bedding trends for Fall/Winter 2015?

J: The hottest bedroom trend right now is texture, texture, texture. We're seeing all kinds of textures for fall and the best part is, you can put them all together. Some of our favourites are washed linen and washed velvet. The washed textures have a casual, rumpled look that makes you want to dive in right now.

Lavato Lapo Fawn

Other textures for fall are the tried and true classics: flannel, jersey, cable-stitch, and fur. We can't get enough fur on the bed; cushions, benches, throws... you MUST have something in fur this season!

Tibetan Grey Fur Cushion

Cable Knit and Chinchilla Faux Fur Throw

Q: What colours are currently on trend?

J: We're still seeing a lot of grey in the bedroom, but this season, softer, more muted "pearl" greys and glamorous silvers have been really hot. We love a "glam" grey, especially in a shimmery headboard, grey furs, cushions, or a super sexy grey wool throw.


Tibetan Grey Fur Cushion

Inca Grey Throw

Another colour that's been on point for fall is a cool greenish-blue that we call Glacier. It's a new, versatile neutral that brings a real serenity to the bedroom.

Carrie Glacier

Q: What fabrics will keep you warm and cozy during colder months?

J: Flannel and jersey are definitely the warmest and coziest going into the cold winter months. That said, cotton is cozy and wonderful all twelve months of the year.

Coal Flannel



Early Gift Guide: The Coziest PJs to Cuddle Up With

October 26, 2015
Although it may be a tad on the early side, we simply couldn't resist sharing our favourite pyjama picks with you! We think they're a great gift to give in advance... perfect for opening gifts on Christmas morning with a cup of hot chocolate. Happy shopping!

Silk Pillowcases: A Blast from the Past

October 23, 2015

We've got something new and exciting in store for you! Have you seen our Silk Charmeuse Pillowcases and Dreamer Satin Pillowcases? While doing some research on these products, we uncovered some interesting facts... It turns out that these products are not so new; in fact, silk and satin pillowcases were a mainstay of women's beauty regimes between the 1950s and the 1970s, an essential item that they couldn't live without.

Before the invention of at-home hot hair tools like curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers, women relied on hairdressers at a salon to get their hair done. They would get their hair washed, styled, and set, in hopes of the hairstyle lasting an entire week until their next salon appointment. The invention of hairspray allowed styles to last up to a week long, and women experimented with curls, updos, and elaborate bouffant hairstyles that they prayed would last the stretch of time.

How did they maintain these hairstyles? For many women, the only option was to sleep sitting up in a chair, or propped up with pillows in bed. Eventually, the silk pillowcase was invented and women rejoiced everywhere.

How do silk or satin pillowcases work? The silky material allows your hair to "slide" around on the case, preventing frizz and tangled strands. Silk pillowcases can also help hair retain its moisture. While cotton absorbs water (think about how a cotton towel sops up wet hair), silk and satin do not absorb water, leaving your hair shiny, smooth, and free of breakage and knots in the morning.

You may not realize it, but sleeping on a satin pillowcase could literally be helping you "save face". Dermatologists have touted the benefits of these products for years; not only does silk have antimicrobial properties (anti-bacterial), but it can also prevent facial lines and premature aging. If you frequently wake up with facial sleep lines, after many years the wrinkles may start to set permanently. Just like with your hair, silk pillowcases allow your face to slide around at night, preventing facial sleep lines.

Want to get your hands on this cult classic, recommended by beauty editors everywhere? We offer both silk and satin options in a rainbow of colours.

Silk Charmeuse Pillowcase

Dreamer Satin Pillowcases