Now and Then

In 1981, Peggy Byron opened Boutique Au Lit in Montreal, one of the first bed linen shops in Canada to offer pure cotton sheets instead of treated polyester. The store was an instant success, with people lining up outside the 700-square-foot store. Soon Byron expanded the business to include a factory where she manufactured her own collection of linens.

Fifteen years later, Byron moved the retail end of the business to Toronto, where she would eventually take over a store almost ten times the size of her first! Today, her daughter, Joanna Goodman - who has developed her own passion for design and fine linens - is also running the family business with her husband, Miguel. When they're not in Toronto, they're travelling throughout Europe and the U.S sourcing the world's finest linens, planning and designing new collections, tweeting, blogging, creating and changing the way people sleep.

Our philosophy is that authentic quality linens enhance the quality of your  sleep, and hence, your life.  And they don't have to be exclusive or intimidating! Everyone should know what it's like to sleep in the real deal. Because we manufacture in Canada, not only can we provide exquisite quality, but also exceptional value.